About Me

Hello everyone!  I would first like to thank you for stopping by!

I am currently a stay at home mother with three wonderful children, and a great hubby!  I started
using coupons a few years ago, butnever really got into it until I heard how much money some
people were saving.  I began to implement their strategies and startedsaving more money, and
finding great deals.  People began to ask me the same questions about where I find coupons and
how to usethem.  I decided to make a page for friends and fam so they could all have a place to
see what I’ve found and my blog has expanded from there.  I am very grateful for all of my readers.
I do my best to find you printable coupons to use on groceries, toys, movies, clothes, personal
items, and even store coupons to cut your bills in half!  I occasionally write product reviews as
well (please read below if interested).

Disclosure & Policies:

Coupon Saving Sista makes it a point to only post family friendly info such as coupons, deals, and product reviews.   This site does occasionally get compensated through affiliate programs.  Any personal information (such as your address and etc.) provided to me for a giveaway will not be shared or sold.  I will only provide your address to the company hosting a giveaway in order for you to recieve your prize with your permission.  Your personal information is important to me and will be deleted once you prize has been mailed out to you.

Please check the date of all post that you are interested in.  I cannot guarantee that the coupon/freebie is still available after a certain amount of time (especially something from months ago).  Coupons, Freebies, & Free Samples are only available while supplies last.  If you have any further questions please contact the company.      

Product Reviews:
Product review consists of my full honest opinion, and details about the product.  I will also post links to your web site and social media sites to help increase your fan base.  I request that you send me a full size product in order for me to do an accurate review.  I will also post pictures that you provide as well as personal photos of before and after shots and etc. if needed and/or requested.  I can also host a giveaway if you’d like, but I request that you send the product to the winner after I provide you with their information. If you are interested in me doing a product review & or giveaway please use my contact form located in the upper right corner of the page.



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